Friday, November 06, 2009

Wardell Rips Nodler For Comments on Lobbyists

7th District Republican Congressional candidate Michael Wardell called Sen. Gary Nodler's comments about the influence of lobbyists on campaigns "astounding" and said it exemplifies "so many of our problems."
On Thursday, while explaining his endorsement from Washington, D.C. lobbyist Gregg Hartley, Nodler told The Notebook that lobbyists ties to candidates and campaign contributors are a normal part of the political system.
"You're not going to find any significant contributor base that isn't tied to a lobbyist base. Any candidate who's raised any substantial money, has accepted money from lobbyists, people who have been lobbyists, paid lobbyists or employed lobbyists," Nodler said. You can read his entire remarks HERE.
Wardell called that remark "astounding." "Based on what he said, one would think 'lobbying up' is a qualification for holding congressional office," Wardell said Friday.

"Nodler implies lobbyists go with the territory, that their support is an indication of your strength as a candidate or office-holder; nothing could be further from the truth. What you need to get elected and get things done in Washington, DC is the support of the people you represent," Wardell continued.

"The grip lobbyists have on Congress is the source of so many of our problems. At worst, Senator Nodler is representing the wrong people at the expense of his constituents. At best, he has a political tin ear.
Wardell did not make any specific pledges about who he would not take money from. He only said he would put his constituents against "special interests." Nodler said he wasn't being critical of how people went about raising money, but just pointed out that most campaigns have some type of ties to lobbyists.
Wardell and Nodler are two of seven announced Republican candidates running to replace Congressman Roy Blunt in the 7th Congressional District.

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