Sunday, April 20, 2008

Blogga Please!

The Democratic candidate for the #139th legislative district tracked me down Saturday night to set the record straight. Weeks back at the end of candidate filing, I wrote that candidate Janet Adams was a political unknown. Adams objected and (playfully, and in good fun) gave me an earful about it at Jackson Days Saturday.

"I am politically known young man. And I'm going to make you eat your words," Adams told me in the ballroom of the Clarion Hotel Saturday night.

After being reassured by Adams and several of her backers, I stand corrected. Adams tells the KY3 Political Notebook she's been a longtime active Democrat in the Willard area. "She's one of the best known Democrats up there," another Democrat told me.

Adams, who handled my misjudgment much better than many politicians would, said she didn't mean to give me such a hard time. Then, without hesitating, added, "I'm 65 years old. I can do whatever I want."

When I asked about her chances in the 139th district against Republican Rep. Shane Schoeller, she acknowledged an uphill battle, but pledged "to make it interesting."

She already has. Here's to Janet Adams, for being cool to a reporter who loves learning new pieces of information about the political scene every day -- and doesn't mind being put in his place if need be.


Anonymous said...

If the one running for president, i think his name is barack husain obama was deceived by his preacher friend why does he NOT denounce him.
This is where it gets scary for me. Why should i trust obama? Why are obama and preacher wright so secretive?
The Antichrist will leave the impression that his motivating force is love, concern for humanity, and pity for the oppressed, what drives Antichrist is not love but hatred. The one motivating force in his life is opposition to Jesus Christ, opposition to all that He stands for, and to all that stand for Him. He will use every tool available: school teachers, politicians, news broadcasters, artists, musicians, scientists and doctors, lawyers and businessmen. All will be pressed into the service of Antichrist to deceive men. But especially he will use those whose calling it is to persuade and to teach men who claim to be preachers of the gospel of Jesus Christ.
obama, something just isn't adding up. Something isn't right. You let preacher wright damn us, you downtrodd us and still you ask us to vote for you. obama, you scare me. You and preacher wright scare me really bad. Besides having no backbone, Just WHO are you?

Aaron said...

This is the funniest headline I have ever seen. My wife and I have laughed about it ever since we read it.