Friday, October 17, 2008

Rasmussen: Nixon By 19

Nixon 57%, Hulshof 38%
Poll Taken Tuesday of 700 Likely Voters, 4% Margin of Error
Nixon gets 91% of his party's backing; Hulsof only attracts 78% of Republicans
62% view Nixon "favorably," just 46% view Hulshof "favorably"
Nixon holds "dominating edge" among unaffiliated voters, according to the pollster
Calls to several Republicans Friday show the public polling matches the private polling. Some are hearing internals ranging from an 18 to 22 point deficit for their nominee. Republicans increasingly see Hulshof's job as to fight "the good fight," in markets he can afford to, in order to help save other Republican candidates down ballot from an electoral massacre. As one G.O.P. politico told The Notebook, "This is worse than Watergate . . . Believe the numbers."
Also, earlier this week, another "McNixican" signals a defection. Lawrence County Republican Theresa Sumners writes: "In watching the debate in July between Sarah Steelman and Kenny Hulshof, I already had made the decision if Treasurer Steelman was defeated by Congressman Hulshof that would indeed be voting for Nixon in the General Election. I am a Republican, and this is the first time I will have ever voted for a Democrat. My decision is solely based on experience. Jay Nixon has done a superior job as our Attorney General, I can't say the same for Kenny Hushof in his role as Congressman. I have several other people who are Republicans, tell me they are voting for Jay Nixon as well."


boyd said...

Hulshof would have probably lost his house seat anyway. He is a poor candidate in a democratic year. He most likely is already making plans for his next gig.

boyd said...

One other thing, does Hulshof remind anyone else of Fraser's(the sitcom) little brother Nyles?

maximus bevo said...

It is embarrassing that the Missouri Republican Party allowed this massacre.

Many republicans told the party hiearchy this was the wrong time to nominate a party insider with strong ties to Washington.

What were they thinking?

It is time for wholesale changes in the Missouri Republican party.