Friday, October 30, 2009

Purgason Endorses Hoffman

State Sen. Chuck Purgason is the latest Missouri Republican to back Doug Hoffman for Congress in the New York's 23rd District election Tuesday.
A flock of national conservative figures have backed Hoffman in recent days as he builds momentum in a three-way rae that appears to be increasingly marginalizing the Republican nominee.
"His stand on the issues and his desire to stand for conservative principles have led to my decision. I would like to see Congressman Blunt make a stand on this race but as always, he will probably ignore everything I say and hope that I would just go away," said Purgason, who is running for GOP nomination for U.S. Senate.
"I challenge Congressman Blunt to make a stand but it will surprise me if he responds to anything I have to say. I am just a lowly state Senator deeply concerned and working for the future of this country and our families," Purgason added.
The Hill newspaper notes that Rep. Roy Blunt didn't return multiple requests for comment regarding the 23rd District race.

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