Thursday, December 17, 2009

Nixon Goal: Keep Unemployment Below National Average

Governor Jay Nixon said a chief of his goal of his administration over the next year is to keep Missouri's unemployment rate below the national average and work towards five or six percent unemployment by the end of his first term.


Nixon made the comments during an in-depth interview with Ky3 News interview Thursday in the Governor's Mansion, seated next to the First Lady.
Missouri's unemployment rate was 8 percent when Nixon took office. It is 9.5. percent now. The national rate sits at 10 percent.
Asked if he can have a direct impact on the unemployment rate in Missouri, the Governor replied, "You have a direct impact on making a difference where you can."
ON UNEMPLOYMENT 1 YEAR FROM NOW: "I'd like to see us consistently, constantly stay below the national average."
ON THE JOB PICTURE LONG-TERM: "We certainly would like to get that down into what most economists say is the number in the five to six range . . . I think a lot will depend on how and when inflation comes late in the term.

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