Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Parents Questioning Schools About Obama Speech

"I just think it's really kind of crazy"
The Springfield school district has been fielding a growing numbers of calls about President Obama's "citizenship" speech to students Tuesday, with some parents demanding their children watch it and others planning a boycott to protest the address.
"I think the idea his message has to be listened to is socialistic," said Kickapoo High School parent Rebecca Casado.
But Springfield superintendent Norm Ridder says it will be up to each school and teacher whether they show the president's speech.
"If they don't want their child to see it, that's fine, they can ask their child not to see it and the child is pulled," explained Dr. Ridder.
Asked about the controversy, Ridder replied, "I think it's really kind of crazy."
A FACEBOOK PAGE has been set up to "Give Your Kid A Sick Day" on September 8th, with several Springfield residents signed up to take part.
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