Monday, September 15, 2008

RGA Website Notes Potential Gains; No Mention of Hulshof

The Republican Governors Association has posted an article on its website that highlights two key states that could give the G.O.P. a net gain in Governorships. Missouri is not one of those states, and Kenny Hulshof's candidacy is not mentioned.
The article is cited as being written by Politico and notes North Carolina and Washington as two states the Republicans could win.
"The air time the committee has reserved is not insignificant, either; a breakdown of the time reserved in North Carolina provided by one source with knowledge of the strategy shows the RGA has set aside close to $3.6 million for ads there, including $1.1 million in the final two weeks alone," according to the piece.
"The committee would not comment on the size of the ad buy in Washington except to say that it is substantial. The ad there takes on Gregoire for campaign contributions she took from Native American tribes after a deal the state and tribes reached over casinos," it goes on.
Should the no-mention of Hulshof have his campaign and Missouri Republicans concerned?

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moderate politico said...

The article is about possible GOP pick-ups, meaning seats that are currently held by Democrats. Since MO has a Republican governor now, Kenny wining the race wouldn't cause a shift in power. Must be a slow news day...