Thursday, July 24, 2008

So Who Won? Part 3


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"As an undecided voter leaning toward Jay Nixon, I approached last night's debate with interest. I walked away now planning to support Sarah Steelman. Throughout the entire debate, Hulshof never answered a question directly while Steelman generally seemed to answer as thoroughly as she had time to. While he is definitely a smooth speaker, she came across as being the one with the knowledge of how to get the job done in Jeff City. The pivotal moment in the debate for me was when Hulshof talked about how he was the only candidate running a positive campaign for governor. Is an ad with Steelman's face covered in mud positive Mr. Hulshof? If this man is the Republican nominee, I will be voting for Jay Nixon in November," writes Gary Cook of Monett.

"O how I wish Tim Russert could have been there last night! He could have held Sarah's feet to the fire and made her answer the questions she was asked instead of the side stepping every question and slamming Kenny like she did. I still don't know Sarah! All I know about her is how she likes to smash Kenny! Last night their were two drastically different people on camera. Kenny was calm, cool, collected and confident. He was the kind of positive leader that we need leading this state. Sara seemed uncomfortable, out of place, nervous and shaky. She had a chance to talk about her platform, sadly she chose to continue to play politics and bash a fellow party member and friend. Last night was a land slide victory for Kenny! I haven't seen a dominating performance like that in a long time. I almost felt bad for Sarah," writes Travis.
"Hulshof clearly carried the night. Steelman's singular talking point is Hulshof. Jeff Roe's attack ad's represent an unwarranted distraction to Kenny's consistent, conservative record. Kenny has tried to make it about the issues, but there comes a point when a person has to counter a punch with a punch. Steelman kept talking about a smooth-talking lawyer. She better be careful. Her husband, and his lawyer buddies are bankrolling her campaign. Can you say TORT REFORM? I tend to disagree with Kenny on ethanol, but he's not going to suddenly change his position for political purposes. Steelman was for the mandate as of July 1, 2008. Her new found revelation is a calculated attempt to gain favor in the southern MO. We need a candidate who is steady, and sticks to their convictions regardless of the political ramifications. By the way Kenny bucked one of the most powerful people in Washington over ethics (Tom Delay). Now that takes guts. Go Hulshof!!!," writes John Kelly of Wright County.
"Representative Hulshof won the debate last night. I love the fact that he is extremely eloquent and conveys his thoughts so well; however, he is not a cheap talker, and has the character and voting record to back it up! He can "talk the talk AND walk the walk". I appreciated the opportunity to hear his side of the reasons for voting on the earmarks that Steelman has so childishly harped on throughout the entire campaign. It still go to show the voters that there is always "two sides to every story". Hulshof not only won the debate but my vote and wholehearted support," writes Bridget Lawson.
"As far as last night's debate. My opinion is Kenny Hulshof won hands down. He is a proven leader and a man of integrity. He is not afraid to stand up for his beliefs ... no matter what or who his audience may be. He is the man who can lead the great state of Missouri," writes Jane Kelly.

"Hulshof won ! A dynamic man that can relate to all corners of the state and qualifications essential to the job," writes Christopher Roy of Drury, Mo.

"Great job last night with the debate. I liked the questions that you and the other panelists asked. I thought that they were well thought out and you guys didn't hold back. I liked that.I was very impressed with the content of the debate, and I feel that it showed that these candidates, although both Republicans, are worlds apart in the areas that are most important to me. I definitely think that Sarah Steelman won the debate. I was at the Republican Watch party at the Lamplighter Inn, and I know personally of 4 undecided voters that made up their minds after hearing the debate. Sarah is for the people and understands that our money is hard to come by, and that it is important to reign in spending and cut taxes. The ethanol issue I think also revealed a lot about the character of Hulshof who never did really answer the question about the legislation he supports as a politician supporting his corn farming business and his personal investments. That just is morally wrong, speaking from an ethical standpoint. I agree with Sarah that Mandates make things more expensive and government involvement in the markets is always bad for the taxpayers dollar. Also at the watch party, when there was applause for the opening and closing statements, Sarah's was much louder. I think it was a 60/40 or 70/30 split. Cant say for sure, but there was a definite difference. I can truly appreciate a candidate that acknowledges that we hire them, and that they are to represent all the people of Missouri, not just their personal interests," writes Charity Davis.

"A little feedback on the debate. A little awkward from the presenters, but. overall good. Steelman won," writes Greg from Springfield.

"I am generally in support of Sarah Steelman at this point in the governor race, but I have been perplexed by the number of people I respect who know Hulshof personally and support him for the position. I have tried to get their perspectives on him and reconcile this with the fact that, from the outside, he looks to me like exactly the kind of establishment, high-spending, politician that I do not want anywhere near the Governor's office. I am also bothered by Mrs. Steelman's campaign tactics. After talking to some more people and having some time to collect my thoughts, I have at least the beginnings of an answer. This is my current perspective and subject to change as I learn more about the candidates," writes Eric Vought of Springfield.

"It seemed to me that Hulshof beat around the bush and didn't answer any of the questions. Especially on the bill about the Matricula ID card/ He tried to play stupid, we know he is not stupid he voted for it. I felt that for him talking the talk about being for border security he doesn't walk the walk since he is willing to let Mexican Truck driver's openly and freely drive on American roads. He seems like he is more the flip flopper then he claims Sarah Steelman is.Then he pulled a democrat one liner "Big Oil doesn't like Ethanol" we are not Democrats!At least Sarah Steelman understands that our economy is hurting, I don't know what fantasy Hulshof is in. Knowing that I am struggling with a family of 6 trying to make ends meet, I know that my pocket book is not very full so I don't think many others are doing better. I can see the evidence in my own back pocket. If I have to go cut my car cut my house to downsize to be able to feed my family of course I am not going to believe that the economy is on the upturn and that the government should not cut too.I would not vote for someone that supports more taxes when I struggle to feed my family. It sounded like he would vote for more taxes for the roads of Missouri," writes Aaron Davis.

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