Tuesday, June 10, 2008

"Kenny Was on Our Side, Sarah Was Not"

It's Kenny vs. "The Evil Empire"

Chamber Prez Daniel Mehan says tort reform was "very important" in picking Hulshof over Steelman . . . Tells Crowd At Loren Cook "there's a stark difference" between the candidates on business issues . . . Points to Workers Comp, Civil Justice Reform: "Then Senator Sarah Steelman tried every which way to stop those bills" . . .Skewers Trial Attorney Lobby as "The Evil Empire"

Hulshof Crystallizes Difference Below


"Sarah Steelman has always supported commonsense legal reforms that result in a level playing field. She introduced a bill to reform medical malpractice that included caps on damages. She supports caps on punitive damages, reasonable venue restrictions, and sanctions against frivolous lawsuits," said spokesperson Spence Jackson.

DEMS Tie Hulshof to Bush-Blunt Economics:

"The economic policies of George Bush and Matt Blunt, which Congressman Hulshof supports, have left Missouri's families worried about their jobs and unable to pay for gas and health care," said Ken Franklin, Executive Director of the Missouri Democratic Party. "Embracing the economic agendas of Bush and Blunt may help Congressman Hulshof appeal to certain interest groups, but those policies are hurting Missouri families. If Congressman Hulshof really thinks Missourians want more of the same failed economic policies, then he really has been in Washington for too long," said Ken Franklin, Executive Director of the Missouri Democratic Party

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