Friday, June 06, 2008

Harris to Gibbons: Gay Marriage Isn't The Issue Here

The first Democratic candidate for Attorney General has responded to Sen. Mike Gibbons' challenge to stand up for traditional marriage with a counterattack.

Gibbons is the presumptive Republican nominee for Attorney General while Harris is fighting in a 4-way primary for the Democratic nomination.

Rep. Jeff Harris issued a statement Friday saying that the recent court ruling in California regarding same-sex unions isn't an issue in Missouri.

"As Attorney General of the State of Missouri, I will consistently work to support and uphold the constitution that governs our state," Harris said. "However, the issue being raised by Senator Gibbons is not one that presently affects our state. Senator Gibbons is attempting to distract the voters – notably in the very first press release of his AG campaign – with rhetoric that is more about divisiveness than substance. These are actions I cannot and will not support. If I had Senator Gibbons' record of caving in to corporate interests instead of fighting to protect consumers, I think I would rather talk about a California court ruling, too."

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