Wednesday, August 29, 2007

McCaskill Will Take Cue From Warner on War Funds

They may not look much alike, or fit into the same neat political category of philosophy -- but war protesters, Republican Senator John Warner and Democratic Senator Claire McCaskill all want the President to bring some U.S. troops home from Iraq by this Christmas.

You can watch my KY3 News @ 10 report HERE.

President Bush is preparing to ask Congress for at least $50 billion dollars this fall to continue to fund the war, and the White House is betting lawmakers won't take the political risk to oppose it.

But in an interview with the KY3 Political Notebook Wednesday, McCaskill said she first wanted to speak with Virginia Republican John Warner before making a decision on how to vote on war funding.

"I want to talk with him about how he feels about this funding issue and how we can force this issue," McCaskill said. "Even if the President doesn't want to, the reality of the size of our military is going to dictate it. We can't sustain this level of engagement in Iraq without taking a tremendous toll."

Stay tuned for video of our complete Q&A with McCaskill. It should be posted on Friday morning.

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