Friday, October 06, 2006

If It's Sunday . . .

Early Saturday morning, ace KY3 photographer Jim Van Dillen and I will hop on a plane and head to Washington, D.C. for this weekend's "Meet the Press" Missouri Senate race debate between Sen. Jim Talent and Democrat Claire McCaskill.

It oughta be a hoot.

Tune into KY3 News @ 10 on Saturday for our first live report previewing Sunday's debate. Scheduled interviews include chief Talent campaign strategist Lloyd Smith, McCaskill communications director Adrianne Marsh and Jennifer Duffy of the Cook Political Report.

Then on Sunday, it's Meet the Press @ 9 a.m.
We'll get a behind-the-scenes look beforehand, then watch the debate from the studio.
We're told Talent and McCaskill will lead off the show and get 35 minutes of time without the interruption of commercials. Bob Woodward will get the remaining time with Russert to plug his new book.

Afterwards, we'll do post game with both candidates and get an assessment from Russert as well. Tune into Sunday KY3 News @ 5 for a live report on the debate. Then, stay up late after Sunday night foosball for a full wrap on KY3 News @ 10.

Because it's Washington, we'll be doing lots of running around. But if I have the chance to sneak onto an NBC computer, I'll try to blog here about the trip.

Until then, if it's Sunday . . .

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