Saturday, January 03, 2009

Blunt Appoints 3 Opponents of Non-Partisan Court Plan to Judicial Slots

Governor Matt Blunt appoints three Springfield residents to judicial posts who are said to be strong opponents of the Non-Partisan Court plan, which passed in Greene County this November.
Blunt appointed Positronic Industries president John Gentry to the Appellate Judicial Commission, and State Bank of Southwest Missouri board member Linda Fowler as well as Ozarks Coca Cola Bottling Company vice president Sally Hargis to the 31st Circuit Judicial Commission.
A Springfield official tells the Notebook, "They were all strongly against the non-partisan court plan. These are people that don't trust the trial attorneys to make selections. So this is his last stand on this, for him it's smart."

Gov. Blunt opposes the concept of replacing elections of judges with a selection process.

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