Monday, October 13, 2008

SurveyUSA Shows Nixon, Obama With Solid Leads

Now . . . Who Really Buys It?
Nixon v. Hulshof . . . Poll shows Nixon winning 21% of Republicans (McNixicans), and holding a substantial lead among independents (53%-33%). Nixon wins every region of the state, including Southwest Missouri, where it is 46%-42%. The party breakdown of the polling is significant. SurveyUSA polled 38% Democrats and just 31% Republicans. And I just bet a portion of my newsroom that if Nixon wins this race by 22 points, I'd buy them all dinner.
Obama v. McCain . . . Both seem to be holding their party bases in this poll, but Obama holds the edge among independents 46%-41%. In Southwest Missouri, McCain holds a strong lead 57% to 41%. Still, experts believe if Obama can get within the 41-43% range in southwest Missouri, he's in good shape statewide.

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