Monday, October 13, 2008

Team Obama in Missouri Targets Women

In conference call, Senior Obama adviser Anita Dunn tells reporters women are breaking for Barack Obama over John McCain.
She cites a recent Rasmussen poll of Missouri, showing women trust Obama to turn the economy around by a margin of 49% to 45%. Calling the race a "jump ball-dead heat" in Missouri, Dunn says: "We believe this is one of the closet races in the country, the closest states in the country." Dunn also notes a recent Bloomberg report, that said women voters are beginning to break towards Obama. The article, “Obama Makes Inroads Among White Working Class Women in Missouri,” quoted several Missouri women - previously undecided - who are now supporting Obama because of their deep concerns about how the faltering economy.
Springfield Rep. Sara Lampe cites Missouri job loss, and that women control 80% of the income of a family. Lampe also hits John McCain: "We don't need something that's erratic and unsure . . . like that ex-husband we aren't sure they're going to come home at night."

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