Monday, October 13, 2008

Blunt: ACORN Has History of Systematic Fraud

On Fox News, Gov. Matt Blunt says it's fair to link the Obama campaign to the community group ACORN, pointing to an $800,000 contribution to an ACORN subsidiary.
"It is frightening. You shouldn't just be worried about this if you are a Republican. Clearly, ACORN and the Obama campaign -- that's aligned with it, is not playing by the rules . . . fraudulent registrations have one purpose, and that's to cast fraudulent ballots."
Blunt goes on to call ACORN a group with a history of "systematic fraud," pointing to 2003, when Blunt says the group submitted 5,000 registrations in St. Louis City, but less than half turned out to be valid. Blunt backed John McCain's call for a federal investigation of the group. "This is not a well-intentioned social club," Blunt said.
On the estimated 1 million voters ACORN has reportedly registered: "Even if just a fraction of those are fraudulent, it could have an impact on the election."

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