Monday, October 13, 2008

Page Responds To Kinder Ad

Kansas City Child Care Advocate: "Page Did The Right Thing."

The campaign of Democratic candidate for Lieutenant Governor Sam Page responds to Peter Kinder's first television ad, which hits Page for voting against "vital child care reform."


"In voting against house bills 679 and 396 in 2003 Sam Page was defending children in foster care," says Lori Burns-Bucklew attorney and member of the Kansas City Abuse Prevention Roundtable. "There were so many reasons to vote against this bill. For example, it required addresses of foster homes to be disclosed which put the foster kids' safety in jeopardy, and it would have put children at risk by making it more difficult to prosecute cases of child abuse. Sam Page did the right thing." she adds, in a statement provided to The Notebook.


The Page campaign is also responding to another Kinder television ad with this YouTube video, featuring health care workers.

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