Saturday, August 30, 2008

InBox Dumping

5 Notable Items I'm Catching Up On Since Leaving For The DNC
1. DAKE WINS RTL . . . Democratic State Rep. candidate Charlie Dake has won the Missouri Right to Life Endorsement over #132nd Republican State Rep. Don Ruzicka. In a press release, Executive Director of Missouri Right to Life Patty Skain said, "Mr. Dake has committed to upholding all aspects of the sanctity of life in his legislative votes and activities. He is the only endorsed candidate in the race for the 132nd Missouri House seat." Ruzicka was endorsed by Missouri Right to Life in 2006, but clearly has not lived up to their ideals when casting his vote in Jefferson City, said Dake spokesperson James Withrow.
2. DONNELLY REQUESTS RECOUNT . . . The Democratic candidate for Attorney General is down by 780-votes, so Margaret Donnelly has formally requested a recount in her race against Sen. Chris Koster. That's a .2% margin out of more than 346,000 votes cast. How many will she make up?
3. STEELMAN STUMPS FOR GOODART . . . The former Republican candidate for Governor still hasn't endorsed Kenny Hulshof for Governor, but she will be "the guest of honor" a fundraiser for #138th Republican legislative candidate Michael Goodart on Saturday, Sept. 6th. Goodart is challenging Democrat Sara Lampe. The fundraiser is a Fish Fry and BBQ at Greene County Republican Headquarters (Club G.O.P.) from 5 to 8 p.m. Tickets are $25 a person, $40 a couple. Contact the Goodart campaign if you are interested at
4. HULSHOF HEALTHCARE . . . We'll spend much more time on Kenny Hulshof's healthcare plan later. But I received eight e-mails within 24 hours from various Democratic campaign operatives dissing it, and picking it apart. Now some are wondering if Hulshof's roll-out was timed intentionally to coincide with the Democratic National Convention, when a significant portion of the Missouri political press corps was out of town and attention would be diverted to Denver.
5. NEW LEGACY-BUILDING BLUNT POLLS (?) . . . He's not running for re-election, but Matt Blunt's top communications staffer is relentless in his efforts to burnish the outgoing Governor's legacy. Rich Chrismer sent me the latest polling conducted by American Viewpoint. It shows that 50% of Missourians hold a "favorable impression" of Governor Blunt. The poll was taken of 800 likely voters between Aug. 18-21st. The margin of error is 3.5%. 41 percent have an unfavorable impression of Blunt. American Viewpoint's Randall Gutermuth writes, "Governor Blunt's perpetual ratings with his base remains extremely strong as well, with 79% of Republicans having a favorable opinion of him and only 15% having an unfavorable opinion." Gutermuth adds, "While the Governor's job approval may not be ideal, it is much better than some of the robo-polls have reported, with a plurality of Missourians approving of the job he is doing." "The difficult decisions Governor Blunt had to make to bring fiscal responsibility undoubtedly hurt his approval ratings somewhat, as have the constant attacks from Democrats. However, 47% of voters approve of the job he is doing and 46% disapprove in light of all that," writes Gutermuth. "Considering this survey was in the field on the heels of a primary where many of the Democrats spent their time focusing on attacks on the Governor rather than battling their own opponents, this is very good news for the long-term legacy of Governor Blunt," he concludes.

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