Thursday, May 29, 2008

Fireworks At The Lake?

10 Questions About This Weekend's G.O.P. Convention at Chateau on the Lake in Branson

1. Will the Ron Paul fans who come out to see him speak Friday night number in the hundreds or thousands?
2. How much media will actually break away to cover former Oklahoma Gov. Frank Keating over Ron Paul --- both who are both scheduled to have events at 7 p.m. Friday?
3. Will a fight over "challenged delegates" bubble up into a big enough story to overshadow the Republican primary for Governor?
4. Will either Sarah Steelman or Kenny Hulshof praise Gov. Matt Blunt or any of his policies in their speeches?
5. Will Sarah Steelman be able to announce the backing of any significant Republican establishment figure by sunset on Saturday?
6. Who will tell the best Jay Nixon joke?
7. Will any of the delegates/party regulars who quietly support Steelman have the chutzpa to buck their colleagues, kick the closet door open and articulate to others and the political pack why?
8. Will Congressman Kenny Hulshof acknowledge he's a "Congressman" and attempt to tout what he views as accomplishments in Washington, or veer away from anything associated with his time in D.C.?
9. Will establishment Republicans be blunt and blatant when articulating their support for Hulshof or will they instead use clever codewords to soften the blow to Steelman?
10. Will Kit Bond, Matt Blunt or Roy Blunt make news?


GUESS said...

Say what you want about Steelman, however, she didn't got to Washington DC as a conservative and then vote to raise taxes and spend more money. Hulshof went to DC and acted like a Democrat, he voted for higher taxes and spent money like a drunken sailor.

He also was part of a Congress that never addressed the illegal immigration problem. What is he bringing to the table? NOTHING!!!!

If he thinks having Matt Blunt's endorsement is going to help him, then he is wrong. He has even lower numbers than Bob Holden did. When Blunt was Gov, he only did things in his families interest. His brother went from being a nobody lobbyist to being the highest paid lobbyist, his sister also raised her worth. Not to mention he mandated we use his brother's corn produced gas. Yes his brother owns an ethanol plant.

We need someone who is going to bring a change to our state, not 8 more years of Blunt.

Rhonda said...

Two things: Kenny doesn't vote like a Democrat. He doesn't vote to raise taxes. In fact he authored the repeal of one of the worst taxes out there, the Death Tax.
Second: Sarah has never done anything in her time in Jeff City (state House or State Treas. office) except run for office.
If Kit Bond supports Kenny then that's good enough for me.
I'm sick and tired of Sarah's 5 campaign workers posing as different people on different message boards and trying to make her sound like she is qualified. She can't even string together a coherent sentence. Before anyone tries to make her our party's choice to go against Nixon, I wish everyone would have to watch the Youtube video of her announcing her re-election for state treasurer (the day before Matt announced he wasn't running). It was painful. She will get us slaughtered in the fall and in the process ruin the chances of down ticket hopefuls. I wish she'd just go away. she's a pretty face, but there's no substance there.