Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Steelman Touts 2nd Amendment, Buys Son A Gun

Missouri State Treasurer Sarah Steelman showed her support for the 2nd Amendment Wednesday by buying her 13-year old son a gun.

“Like most Missourians, I am a strong believer and defender of the Second Amendment, Steelman said. “Hunting and recreational shooting are part of the traditional Missouri values that have been passed on from generation to generation in our state, and my family cherishes these values. As Governor, I will maintain a firm stand against those who seek to oppose our Constitutional right to keep and bear arms," she added in a release.

Steelman purchased her youngest son, Michael, a rifle today for his birthday. Jason Rosenbaum has all the fixings from the event HERE.

Steelman and her family enjoy recreational target shooting and recently visited the shooting range at Springfield’s Bass Pro Shops.

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stearnsybears said...

What a coincidence.