Friday, May 30, 2008

Powell Zaps Steelman on Audit

Democratic candidate for State Treasurer Mark Powell is seizing on a state audit to criticize Sarah Steelman's management of the office she currently holds.

An audit released by Susan Montee revealed that leave taken by Deputy State Treasurer Doug Gaston to work on Steelman's campaign for Governor was not reported in a timely matter.

“This gross oversight by the current State Treasurer further indicates the need to have professional management of the treasurer’s office. The Deputy State Treasurer is paid more than $92,000 per year, is expected to be in the office working for the state, and is expected to be a financial professional, not a political campaign aide to the treasurer," said Powell in a statement.

Powell also criticized Steelman for making an "irresponsible" campaign promise in 2004 to bring "three billion dollars" back to Missouri. "[It] was an impossible promise to uphold and nothing more than political pandering to the banking industry and to the voters. It made for a good campaign line, and it got her votes, but there’s more to being the treasurer than talk and campaign promises. In all actuality, there was $2 billion invested in federal obligations in 2004, not $3 billion. Today there is $3.5 billion invested in those same federal securities, an increase of 75%, rather than the reduction promised by her," Powell said.

In other Treasurer's race news, Rep. Clint Zweifel is up with a new website for his candidacy for Treasurer. features an interactive map allowing visitors to view endorsements Zweifel has received based on geographic region. Zweifel also offers a campaign blog. Zweifel is thought of as the frontrunner for the Democratic nomination for Treasurer.


whistleblower said...


This is the same Mark Powell, Mayor of Arnold, MO, that wants to take private property and give it to other private investors so that the city can make more money off of the taxes. (But he is giving the tax money away in TIFS)

Call him Communist, Socialist, or Thief, but don't call him Treasurer.

qwerty139 said...

Mark Powell has taken a struggling community and eliminated boarded up and dilipated buildings by using the laws voted on and enacted by Zweifel and Lager. He's proven himself to be a leader in Jefferson County, has a financial background, and is the only candidate qualified to be treasurer. He'll win.