Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Blunt: Filers Can Expect Delay On Returns

Tax filers will have to wait a little longer than usual for their refunds come the new year, according to 7th District Congressman Roy Blunt.

That's because of a late Congressional change to what's known as the alternative minimum tax (AMT), which President Bush signed into law today.

You can watch my KY3 News @ 10 report HERE.

The tax was designed almost 40 years ago to target millionaires who skip out on taxes. But year after year, without a change for inflation, the AMT hits more and more middle class taxpayers.

As in years past, Congress took action this year to prevent the tax from hitting millions more, but because they waited so long to do so, you will now wait too.

"You'll get your refund, you just won't get your refund as quickly," Blunt said in an interview Wednesday. "If you're counting on that to pay the January credit card bill from Christmas, you're probably going to have to think of something a little differently to get you through."

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