Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Sloca Says LeVota "Wrong on Request"

Missouri Republican Party spokesperson Paul Sloca says House Democratic Minority Leader Paul LeVota is mischaracterizing the G.O.P's Sunshine request of more than a dozen state lawmakers.

In an e-mail to the KY3 Political Notebook, Sloca said the request "asks only for three years of e-mails."

Details on the request he's referring to can be read two posts down, or by clicking HERE.

"The request is for all emails as second sentence of second paragraph clearly points out. Obviously, the representative didn’t read the request very closely," Sloca said in his e-mail to me.

Sloca has included Springfield Rep. Sara Lampe in his request as well as Rolla State Senator Frank Barnitz.

The Sunshine request reads, "I am requesting all documents from your office or any other documents in your custody, control, or possession responsive to this request. I am requesting copies of all emails sent by or to you by or to your staff, deleted or undeleted, within the last three years or whenever you were sworn into office, whichever is earlier."

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Sherry said...

The request clearly includes all documents and not just e-mails. Sloca was very sloppy with his request but that sloppiness can easily be corrected with a followup.