Wednesday, November 14, 2007

LeVota Asks Lampe, Others to Comply with G.O.P. Sunshine Request

E-mail wars are now beginning to develop on multiple fronts as a result of the Scott Eckersley firing.

From the media and Democrats at Governor Blunt.

From Republicans at Sen. Claire McCaskill.

And now from state Republican party at Democratic lawmakers.

House Minority Leader Paul LeVota told his colleagues to comply with the Republican Party's Sunshine request. Spokesperson Marc Powers says Springfield Rep. Sara Lampe is one of at least 12 House Democrats to receive the request.

LeVota called the request "desperate," but told his colleagues their willingness to comply would
show their "respect for the law." LeVota said the G.O.P. request seeks "copies all documents and all e-mails in possession of your offices."

"Although this is clearly an act of harassment and a sad and desperate attempt by the state Republican Party to distract attention from Gov. Matt Blunt’s recent and ongoing failure to comply with reasonable and legitimate document requests in violation of state statute, as Democrats we believe strongly in the Sunshine Law and the public’s right to access official records," LeVota wrote.

"If you have received a records request from Mr. Sloca, please take immediate steps to comply. Given the unprecedented breadth of his request – every piece of paper in your files, every e-mail sent or received by you or your staff in the last three years – it will take weeks, if not months, to fulfill and at great expense. Unlike the governor, however, House Democrats respect the public’s right to know what their elected officials are doing at taxpayer expense," LeVota wrote.

Developing . . .

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