Thursday, June 28, 2012

The top Republican in Missouri responds:

MOGOP Chairman: “Supreme Court decision crystallizes the stakes in this election”
JEFFERSON CITY—David Cole, Chairman of the Missouri Republican Party, released the following statement about the Supreme Court ruling on Obamacare:
“This morning’s Supreme Court decision crystallizes the stakes in this election:  Will we elect Democrats intent on implementing this law, or will we elect Republicans who will work to repeal and replace Obamacare?
“It’s important to remember that just because a law is ruled constitutional doesn’t make it good policy—and in fact, it’s not. Under Obamacare, health care costs continue to increase, choice in health care has been severely restricted, and businesses have been saddled with burdensome regulations.  Making matters worse, Obamacare is the largest tax increase in American history.
“Missourians deserve real, market-based health care reforms that give patients more choices at lower costs—not a one-size-fits-all mandate that puts government bureaucrats in the middle of Americans’ health care decisions.”

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