Saturday, November 14, 2009

In The Field


In the field conducting a new Missouri U.S. Senate race poll, Public Policy Polling leaks in a Tweet Saturday that Sen. Chuck Purgason may be polling in double-digits against Congressman Roy Blunt in the 2010 GOP primary.

From the Twitterboard: "Interesting finding on our Mo. poll so far- Blunt struggling to crack 50 against little known primary opponent
," wrote Tom Jensen.

This would be the first public poll on the 2010 GOP U.S. Senate primary in Missouri.

Purgason, a State Senator from Caulfield, is significantly trailing Blunt in the early markers of fundraising, organization and endorsements. He's also complained that Blunt has repeatedly ignored him. But if the poll shows him in double-digits, it could help advance his argument that he's a credible candidate with a message that deserves coverage.

No word on when Public Policy Polling plans to release this poll.

In January, a PPP poll showed a statistical dead heat between Democrat Robin Carnahan and Blunt. (Carnahan 45%, Blunt 44% 3.3% MOE)

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