Monday, May 11, 2009

Blunt Wants GOP Healthcare Plan By Memorial Day

Congressman Roy Blunt says he hopes to arm his colleagues with a set of GOP healthcare solutions before the Memorial Day recess.
Blunt chairs a special group on Healthcare reform.
"We hope to have a set of solutions outlined that we think Republicans can rally around for our members to take home with them when they leave here at the end of the month," the former House GOP whip told The Hill.
Blunt is also raising concerns that President Obama has not detailed the specific costs of his plan.
"Reining in costs is important," Blunt is quoted saying in McClatchy Newspapers, "but we cannot overlook the fact that this pledge alone doesn't save the federal government any money." Blunt said Americans deserve to know how Obama would pay for a plan that has been estimated to cost more than $1.2 trillion over a decade, and "we still haven't seen a plan."

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