Thursday, July 24, 2008

KSGF's Jericho: We All Stink

Panelists, Moderators & Candidates Victims of the Venom
(Then try to imagine who listens to this guy)
"What a disaster . . .Everybody stunk, including Steelman and Hulshof . . . a wall-to-wall disaster . . .the production value stunk, the camera cuts were clumsy . . . Everybody had a deer-in-the-headlights look all night long . . .They weren't questions, they were speeches and talking points from Jay Nixon's campaign . . . The flaming liberal, anti-American, Pagean-lunatic talking points, as voiced by Missy, Missy, Missy and Pretty, I'm so Pretty, I'm Pretty Boy Dave."
HULSHOF CAMPAIGN MANAGER JOHN HANCOCK: "I think it might have been one of the best panels I've seen yet."


Paul Seale said...

Jericho may be wrong on a lot, but it sounds like he hit a home run on this issue, Dave.

Just remember, a large portion of his audience is your audience as well.

At this point I am glad I didnt waste my time by watching the debate.


maximus bevo said...


While I don't agree with all of Mr. Jericho's assesment of the debate, I do agree with him about the lack of substance in the questions asked by the panel.

How lame to ask candidates to say something "nice" about each other. That is kindergarten stuff, not professional journalism.

For example, one of the top issues for most citizens is education, but not one question was asked about it....weird.

However, the candidates get asked what is the ethnic make up of their staff and if they will use a jet for travel while governor....absolutely no relevance on the issues. That is legitimate criticism in my opinion.

Unknown said...

Overall the debate was excellent with a big win going to Sarah Steelman. I didn't have any problems with the debate except for the leftist Missy. What a pathetic performance of journalism when she asked the question on minority staffers. The damn libs always want to bring ethnicity into politics can't we just leave race out of it and become a colorless society? But no, libs like Missy and some many others among the media always have to make it an issue. Do us all a favor Missy and go back to blogging about your crooked jaw!

Joe America said...

The guy with a two-year-running syntax error on his freaking blog header is one to talk about professionalism.

No, Vince, I don't ever wonder "What's going in here"... "What's going ON in there", maybe. As it is, however, my best guess would have to be feces.

/Canadian joke

gcmissouri said...

Paul: Big win to Steelman? Are you kidding? Through the second half of the debate, it looked like she had went to the back halfway through and chugged a fifth of hard liquor, and then tried to come back out. Her speech was slurred, her hair was screaming for a stylist, and she was looking down instead of at the camera. The infamous I Love Lucy "Vitameatavegamin" episode came to mind. Hulshof was poised, articulate, and polished throughout the entire debate.