Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Decision 2007: Liquor & Building Codes in Christian County

Should Christian County have building codes?

Should restaurants in the city of Ozark be allowed to sell as much liquor as they want?

Those are two of the issues facing voters on the Aug. 7th ballot.

In case you missed it, you can catch up on the issues below:
HERE is Ky3's Michelle Sherwood on the debate over building codes in Christian County.
HERE is my story over alcohol in Ozark.


20over30 said...

From Dave's Story:

"Judy Morisset is a 50 year member of the First Baptist Church, and says most of the church going folks she knows will come out to vote no.

I think it's just as bad as drugs when you overdo."

You know Judy, so is religion.

Jesus' first and greatest miracle was turning water into wine at a weddding that had ran out.

Erik said...

It is sad when people dodge the topic at hand and consciously attack a group of well-intentioned people.

Irregardless of what faith a person has, if a restaurant owner has no set boundaries, then they have no accountability. This leads to people on our roads dying of killing others because they don't know "when to say when."