Thursday, November 12, 2009

Schweich Pledges To Fill Out Term If "Consensus Candidate"

Republican candidate for Auditor Tom Schweich left open the possibility of vacating a potential first-term early and running for another office in 2012 if the GOP doesn't unite around his candidacy this time.
Asked whether he'd pledge to fulfill a complete 4-year term if elected, Schweich responded, "I've been very clear within the party. If the party unites behind me, I will fill out my term and I will help other candidates in 2012."
"If the party unites behind me," Schweich stressed.
"If somebody's actively opposing me and then I win the election, am I going to support that person in 2012? Well, no," he went on. "If I'm the consensus candidate, I have told everybody, I will fill out my term."
The Notebook conducted interviews with both GOP candidates for Auditor Thursday.

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