Thursday, November 12, 2009

Icet Channels Sherman

House Budget Chair Allen Icet said Thursday that he's in the race for State Auditor until the end, no matter what pressure he receives from party leaders to step aside.
"I'm in this until the end," Icet said unequivocally. "In asking those colleagues who've endorsed me, they've in effect put their name on the line saying, 'we think Allen's a good guy.' They've invested in me if you will, so I'm in this until the end."
ADDS: "I can't guarantee much, but I will guarantee you, I'm not getting out."
ALSO: Says one man is responsible for his financial disadvantage:
Sen. Jack Danforth
Icet is facing former U.S. ambassador Tom Schweich in the GOP primary for State Auditor. While Icet has the backing of most of his colleagues in the State House, Schweich enjoys support from Danforth and Lieutenant Gov. Peter Kinder.

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