Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Kinder's Tour De Tweet

The Lieutenant Governor attempts to break news on TWITTER regarding a potential hostage situation in Jefferson City, but later deletes a bunch of his posts on what turned out to be a misunderstanding.
"Sharpshooters on roof of Jefferson bldg. Hostage situation unfolding in Governor Office bldg. Police locked down the block. Developing ..." Kinder posted on his Twitter page.
Kinder then appeared on KTVI-TV in St. Louis around midday to report the news in the live interview. But the link to the interview has been mysteriously removed from the station's website. The left-wing blog FiredUp linked to the interview, which was posted on YouTube.
In the interview, Kinder was careful to say reports of shots fired was a "third-party unconfirmed report." As FiredUp gleefully noted, the Lieutenant Governor said, "I was the first to Tweet it."
THEN: After reports of a hostage situation in Jefferson City proved to be untrue, Kinder retracted a Re-Tweet of a message posted Tuesday morning about President Obama saying jail time was appropriate for not buying health insurance.
The Kansas City Star's Steve Kraske noted Obama never said that.
"I apparently erred in a re-tweet of a message tweeted by Renee Hulshof this morning re: something Pres Obama said. I hereby retract item." Kinder wrote.
A little later, Kinder wrote: "There. I have just corrected a mis-communication faster than my friends @ the KC Star ever have one of theirs. :)"
One Jefferson City observer called Kinder's posting "reckless." "Imagine if he sat in the big chair?," one mused. Others on Twitter praised the Lt. Governor for Tweeting what he knew in real time.
Kinder is the top statewide elected official to hold a Twitter account. An @JayNixon account used earlier in the year was found not to be an official account of Gov. Jay Nixon.

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