Thursday, October 22, 2009

McCaskill: Ruckus I Raised Caused Compensation Crackdown

Sen. Claire McCaskill told KY3 News she thinks the complaints she raised about executive pay helped prompt the Obama administration's unprecedented cuts in salaries Thursday.

The Treasury Department ordered seven big companies that haven't repaid their government bailout money to cut their top executives' average total compensation — salary and bonuses — in half, starting in November.

"I think the ruckus that I raised and others raised in Congress about executive pay and bonuses has had an impact," McCaskill said. "If those companies want to be able to pay people more than they're worth, then they need to to pay us back with interest."


PLUS: On H1N1 vaccine delays, says government isn't the problem, but rather the manufacturers that overestimated how quickly they could produce the vaccine.

Says anyone who wants a dose should be able to get it by the end of November

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