Thursday, October 22, 2009

Pitt For Long

Springfield businessman and philanthropist Doug Pitt will hold a fundraiser for 7th District Congressional candidate Billy Long next Thursday.

Pitt, who is the brother of the actor Brad Pitt, was an early ally of Convoy of Hope president Hal Donaldson, who flirted with a U.S. House bid earlier this year. Donaldson since decided against a run.

The October 29th "meet and greet," which will be held at Pitt's home, is being billed as "The Long Road to Washington," according to a fundraising invitation provided to The Notebook.

The invitation to the "reception supporting Republican Congressional candidate Billy Long" lists 97 hosts in addition to 34 sponsors.

Of note on the invitation is the listing of Tom Hearne, and his wife, LeeAnn as one of the hosts for the event. Hearne is the brother of former State Treasurer Sarah Steelman.

"You're seeing some of the Steelman elements of support move towards Long," said a Long backer. "Football is a game of inches, and Billy is moving the ball."

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