Thursday, October 22, 2009

A Quarter Of Blunt's 3rd Quarter Haul Came From PACS

Blunt & Carnahan Both Post Burn Rates Over 40%
Twenty-seven percent of Congressman Roy Blunt's third quarter campaign contributions came from political action committees (PACS).
The Hotline broke down contributions to 2010 U.S. Senate candidates and found that Blunt received a total of $358,700 from PACS.
His likely Democratic opponent, Robin Carnahan, received $127,815 from PACS, amounting to about 12 percent of her total money raised between July and September.
"When you look at how many lobbyists and corporations are funding his campaign, it becomes obvious that he has been in Washington too long," said Missouri Democratic Party executive director Brian Zuzenak, referring to Blunt's fundraising haul.
But money from PACS is a two-party game. Only three 2010 U.S. Senate candidates took in more PAC cash than Blunt over the last three months: All are incumbents, two are Democrats (Majority Leader Sen. Harry Reid & Sen. Blanche Lincoln).
Still, Democrats believe Blunt's slight fundraising advantage over Carnahan is directly due to his PAC money advantage.
Overall last quarter, Blunt outraised Carnahan by $231,404. Counting just PAC money, Blunt beat Carnahan by just about the same margin, $230,858.
But as The Hotline notes, both Blunt and Carnahan area also some of the top Senate candidate spenders across the country.
Blunt spent $789,985, which was the fifth highest burn rate during the 3rd quarter. Carnahan spent $601,481, which put her not far behind.
That means Blunt has spent 44% of what he's raised since the beginning of the cycle. Carnahan has burned through 42% of her total campaign funds already.
But neither camp is likely concerned. As a marquee battleground match-up, there will be lots of more cash for both camps to burn through.

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