Thursday, October 22, 2009

Carnahan Denies Ties to ACORN

Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Robin Carnahan told students at the University of Missouri she has no ties to ACORN, the community activist group that's increasingly come under fire for questionable practices.

The Missouri Republican Party distributed VIDEO of Carnahan's response to a question about ACORN on YouTube HERE. (The MoGOP did not shoot this video; rather it was shot by Arthur Nunn)

CORRECTION: "I'm not sure how you got that the "Missouri Republican Party Posted VIDEO" because I posted that video not them," wrote Nunn to The Notebook.

In fact, a review of Nunn's Twitter and social network posts shows he's more inclined to support liberal positions. The Notebook regrets the error.
"I don't have any ties to ACORN. Not sure why they did that, I think, just to have something to talk about," Carnahan said in a response to a student's question.

The MoGOP recently put up a website dedicated to outlining Carnahan's connections with ACORN. The site shows conversations between Carnahan's staff and ACORN involving research questions and planning meetings. It does not appear to allege anything unlawful, but rather connect Carnahan to ACORN because she hasn't publicly criticized the group for its legal problems.

Specifically, the MoGOP shows ACORN praising Carnahan for her help in defeating photo I.D. legislation in Jefferson City. They also show Carnahan's staff aiding ACORN in its research efforts regarding the same issue.

MoGOP Executive Director Lloyd Smith said Carnahan's claim that she has "no ties" is outlandish. "The documents, obtained by the Missouri Republican Party, tell the real story about what ACORN calls a ‘great team effort,’ detailing meetings in her office, events, research requests, and more. Despite Carnahan’s attempts to re-write history, the evidence is as incriminating as it is clear: Robin Carnahan and ACORN are too close for comfort," said Smith in a statement.

Carnahan acknowledged Missouri has had issues with ACORN. "I've called on law enforcement officials to prosecute anybody who violates the election laws, whether its ACORN or anybody else," Carnahan said.

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