Thursday, April 23, 2009

Turn Off The Lights

Governor Jay Nixon is directing state agencies to implement measures that will reduce energy usage at their buildings by 2 percent annually over the next decade.
The Governor estimates $1 million dollars in savings in the first year alone. His office estimates the state spent about $55 million dollars on energy costs at these buildings. Nixon's executive order applies only to buildings overseen by the Office of Administration.

That means the departments of conservation (ironic) and transportation as well as public colleges and universities.
"As one of the largest employers and energy consumers in the state, Missouri must become a leader in conservation," Gov. Nixon said. "We have a responsibility to set the example for state employees, businesses and citizens across the state. This will be good for taxpayers and the environment, and lead the way toward a brighter, cleaner energy future for all of us."
The Division of Facilities Management will work with the Department of Natural Resources to implement the measure. Weatherization measures are also included in the measure, with the replacement of energy-inefficient light fixtures and implementation of "more efficient means of heating and cooling buildings."

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