Thursday, April 23, 2009

Less If & More About When

"I have my own timeframe"
Former State Treasurer Sarah Steelman continues to tease and toy about a potential 2010 U.S. Senate candidacy without formally committing to one.
"I know everybody is in a big hurry but I have my own time frame. I’m very serious about it," Steelman told Roll Call.
She also poked at Congressman Roy Blunt for his recent fundraising total:
"He's boasted about himself being a great fundraiser so I just assumed he would be as competitive with some of the other races around the country that are similar to this one," Steelman said. "What I think it is is people saying, ‘Wait a minute, we’re not sure that he’s the right guy for the job,’" she said.
YET . . . Some Republicans are still quietly circulating the case that Steelman "could own the 7th" if she wanted it, referring to the U.S. House seat Blunt will vacate.

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The truth hurts!