Saturday, April 11, 2009

Mo. Poll: 60% Approve of Nixon; 57% of Obama

A clear majority of Missourians approve of the job Governor Jay Nixon and President Barack Obama are doing, according to the most recent SurveyUSA polling.

60% approve of Nixon and 57% approve of Obama according to a March 20-22 poll of 600 voters.

GOP: 16% approve of Obama, 49% approve of Nixon
DEMS: 91% approve of Obama, 71% approve of Nixon
INDYS: 50% approve of Obama, 62% approve of Nixon
SWMO: 38% approve of Obama, 58% approve of Nixon

Obama's approval among Democrats in 20 points higher than Nixon's whereas the exact opposite is true among Southwest Missourians. Nixon's approval rating is actually 1 point higher in the Ozarks than St. Louis.
53% of Missourians approve of Sen. Kit Bond while just 49% approve of Sen. Claire McCaskill, according to the same poll.

GOP: 73% approve of Bond, 23% approve of McCaskill
DEMS: 42% approve of Bond, 68% approve of McCaskill
INDYS: 40% approve of Bond, 46% approve of McCaskill
SWMO: 56% approve of Bond, 47% approve of McCaskill

While McCaskill holds the lowest approval rating of the four, her support remains the most even among all geographic areas. On the other hand, Bond enjoys much greater crossover support from the opposing party than McCaskill does.

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Mark The Jazzman said...

That's really interesting that in a swing state like Missouri, 57% of people approve of Obama, I would have thought somewhere around 45-50% would have been more likely