Friday, April 10, 2009

Cattleman Complains of Senate Stalemate

With five weeks left in the legislative session, some worry a Senate stalemate is putting other important legislative work in peril.

While the upper chamber has spent entire nights filibustering the Governor's proposed economic development bill, Polk County cattle farmer Mark Sconce is afraid his priority of implementing tougher penalties against cattle rustlers is stuck in the mud.

"Maybe they feel like they're doing their jobs by filibustering but they're not doing the Missouri citizens or the Missouri taxpayers any good," said Sconce, who spent a day in the capitol last week lobbying for tougher penalties for cattle rustlers.

"Each year, there are major important pieces of legislation that don't survive the legislative process and that's one of the harsh facts of life in the Missouri General Assembly," said Sen. Gary Nodler, R-Joplin, at an event in Springfield on Friday. But he said he's concerned that "one or two Senators" are abusing the filibuster process.

"I am worried about the progress because timing is always crucial," Sen. Nodler said.

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