Friday, February 27, 2009

Group Pushes For Health Care Choice

"It ought to be my choice . . .
I'm the consumer"


The group, Missourians for Choice in Health Care is seeking support for "Any Willing Provider" legislation, also known as House Bill 303. They held a forum in Springfield Thursday night. The legislation they're championing would prohibit insurers from discriminating against any doctor willing to provide his or her services. It basically would open up the system and eliminate the provider networks that limit what doctors you can go to see for services.

Hospitals oppose the change -- arguing it could drive up costs.

Republican Rep. Rob Schaaf, a proponent of the legislation, said at a meeting Thursday that GOP House Speaker Ron Richard opposes "Any Willing Provider" because he's "good friends with one of the guys who runs the hospital in Joplin."

The legislation overwhelmingly passed the House last year, but too late in the session to make it through the Senate. This year, the legislation has yet to be assigned to committee.

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