Friday, February 27, 2009

Schoeller: "I Will Not Seek The 7th Congressional Seat"

On the day of Sen. Jack Goodman's announcement for Congress, Willard State Rep. Shane Schoeller tells The Notebook he will not run for Roy Blunt's seat in order to unite the party behind Goodman.
Schoeller said he would attend Goodman's announcement in Springfield this afternoon to show support for the Mt. Vernon State Senator's candidacy.

"I came to the decision over the weekend that I will not seek the 7th Congressional District Seat. There are three reasons. I am concerned about the turnover in the Missouri House of Representatives in the coming two years. I am committed to being there to keep our Republican majority and provide the leadership necessary to help ensure that happens," Schoeller said.

"The second and most important for me is that I do not believe it is the right time for me and my family. Emma is five and Dorthy is two. Mendie and I believe that at this time in our family we want to raise them during these years in Missouri. Later on we may feel differently when they are older but at this time we know this is the right decision for our home," he went on.

"Third, I am convinced we need to be united in the 7th Congressional District. I realize there will be a primary but I believe the less candidates out there the better voters will have to determine of the few left running who will be the best general election candidate in 2010," Schoeller said.

"I plan to be there at Jack's announcement and supportive. He asked me to support him after I made my decision and I was glad to help. Jack is a good leader who is ready to provide the conservative representation and solid leadership we need in the 7th district," Schoeller concluded.

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