Thursday, February 26, 2009

DSCC Begins Targeting Blunt

Rep. Roy Blunt was one of 24 Congressman to vote against a special House measure that included a wage freeze.

And the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee didn't waste time putting together a press release blasting Blunt for voting to "protect his own pay raise."

"Missourians have seen their 401K’s disappear, and instead of helping get the economy back on the track, the only bank account Congressman Blunt seems concerned about is his own,” said DSCC communications director Eric Schultz. "When he opposes economic stimulus for the American people, but supports a pay raise for himself, it is proof positive that Congressman Blunt has been in Washington too long."

According to The St. Joseph News, a Blunt spokesperson said the Ozarks Congressman voted against the measure because of concerns about provisions that conflicted with his pro-life views.

But, the DSCC release goes onto to cite 4 other previous instances where Blunt voted "to protect his own pay raise."

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