Thursday, February 26, 2009

Missouri Gets $223 Million in Stimulus Money

Those stimulus dollars have begun a'flowin.

The state of Missouri received $223 million dollars Thursday to help shore up Medicaid.

The first payment was an enhanced reimbursement for expenditures made from October through February for the government-run health care program for the poor.

Governor Jay Nixon said his administration created two separate bank accounts to hold money it gets under the federal law.

Senate Appropriations Chair Gary Nodler promised to get legislation that deals with accountability of the funds to the Governor's desk quickly.

"Creating and using these funds are the best way to protect Missouri taxpayers because it makes the new federal funding separate, only lets us spend what we have, and lets taxpayers know exactly what projects and programs we invest in with this one-time funding. We will continue to work to get the bill to the Governor’s desk ready for his signature as quickly as possible," said Nodler.

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