Saturday, October 25, 2008

Post-Debate Thoughts

Both Kenny Hulshof and Jay Nixon held brief press conferences after the KY3 Debate Friday.

Below are highlights:

Hulshof: Nixon"Lacks Transparency, Lacks Specifics, Playing It Safe"

Hulshof charged that Nixon's Attorney General office has shown a "lack of transparency" over the years, and cited audits by Democratic Auditors Claire McCaskill and Susan Montee to back up his claim. Specifically, Hulshof criticized Nixon for the use of a state car during campaign events. He then went on to blast Nixon's lack of specifics on issues. "Investing in human capital, wonderful soundbite. What does it mean?," asked Hulshof. "When you have very few bold ideas, you do what's politically safe."

Nixon: Hulshof's Numbers "Jump Around", "Doesn't Get" Impact of China Trade

Nixon took Hulshof to task for "jumping around," on the costs of their respective proposed plans. He says Hulshof's programs add up to around $750 million dollars, while his only cost a bit more than $300 million, yet Hulshof charges Nixon can't pay for his. Also says: "We don't know exactly how much money is in the till." He went on to target his Republican opponent on his pro-trade vote with China, which Nixon believes cost Missouri 45,000 jobs. Finally, Nixon specifically detailed how he would change the "single occurrence" portion of Missouri's worker compensation law.

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Brad Belote said...

My take on the debate: Dull.

But it wasn't for a lack of trying. The questions were good -- you guys asked for specifics and didn't get any. You asked for pledges and you didn't get any.

A couple of things at play:
1) there's more excitement up the ticket from this one. People are fired up about Barack Obama. People are fired up about Sarah Palin. Nixon and Hulshof nor the race between them are generating a tenth of the energy of the presidential race.

2) Been there, done that. The earmark stuff we've been hearing since June. It's old news. Republican voters evidently forgave him for that. What else you got, Jay? Hulshof's argument that Jay Nixon is part of the Jefferson City establishment doesn't hold water -- WE (the people) kept sending him there for a reason. Maybe, it's because he's done a good job as attorney general?

3) Matt's not there. Let's face it -- we all thought this was going to be referendum on the last four years (Medicaid, First Steps, email, fee office, etc.) None of those divisive issues came up last night.

4) The format. KY3 has come along way in the last fours years, getting the candidates to come to southwest Missouri and hold a TV debate. But this format and ping pong of moderator, questioner, candidate - it's tired and old and doesn't make for interesting TV.
I think this debate was especially hurt by the sophistication of the recent presidential debates. They've abandoned the tired old timed out format and while not thrilling by any stretch, they are more lively because of the more open format.

My suggestion next time: Dave and the candidates for 90 minutes - no Ethan, no Steve. Just a good conversation.