Saturday, January 31, 2009

Martin Targets Martinez In Letter

In a move designed to ramp up efforts to derail Governor Jay Nixon's most important cabinet nominee, Matt Blunt's former chief of staff is alerting thousands of conservatives around the state about the immigration views of Economic Development Director designee, Linda Martinez.

Ed Martin's letter, that began landing in mailboxes across the state Saturday, asks Missourians to support Republican Sens. Brad Lager and Jim Lembke's efforts to "seek answers" about Martinez's previous comments on illegal immigration.

Martin's letter from Missourians For Illegal Immigration Law Enforcement begins, "Linda Martinez is the most pro-illegal immigrant cabinet director ever appointed in Missouri's history."

"We are concerned that Linda Martinez might seek to use her position to promote special benefits for illegal immigrants or provide special economic incentives for businesses that hire illegal workers," Martin goes on. Janet Renner of Missourians Against Illegal Immigration also signed the letter.

In an interview on CNN in 2006, as an attorney, Martinez expressed her opposition to an ordinance designed to prevent landlords from renting to illegal immigrants. "The power to control immigration issues is addressed by the Constitution and delegated solely to the federal government. It's not to be administered on a local basis by cities and states. It's supposed to be mandated on a national basis -- a consistent national policy so there's not a patchwork of ordinances," Martinez said to Lou Dobbs.

Based on those comments, Martin believes that "we must assume" Martinez is against banning sanctuary cities for illegals, opposes E-verify to check legal employment status, and would not cancel state contracts for businesses who hire illegals, among other things.

Martin's letter asks supporters to send an e-mail with statements of support to

The Notebook has asked the Nixon administration for a response and will publish it as soon as we receive it.

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