Thursday, July 24, 2008

So Who Won II?


(Keep 'em comin' . . .)

"The format and flow was well directed. Two of the questions were "lame" from my perspective taking valuable time from medical, economy and education discussions. I like both candidates but will support Steelman. Her concerns about food costs and ethanol mandates are real to me. I agree with her that government mandates have upset the free market trade of all grains and proteins. Sarah is all about Missouri and I appreciate her for that. I follow what happens in the Missouri Senate and she was well-liked and respected for her contributions to legislation on both sides of the isle. Her job as State Treasurer has been profitable for all of us.She's smart, tough, a family-oriented woman with her priorities in life going in the right direction. Some of my 'Jay Nixon' friends do not want to run against her. Nixon will take her messages about the 9-18% approval rating of Congress and beat Kenny up beside the head to the point that he'll think he is doing it to himself," writes Springfield's Dennis Hobbs.
"Congressman Hulshof seems to be the one putting in the people of Missouri's minds that Treasurer Steelman is attacking him, she is simply stating the facts, as she stated in the debate. He almost came across as a child whining in the debate when he confronted Sarah about the attack tactics, I say that must mean the truth hurts. I felt when the Congressman went to answer some of the questions he definitely took a 50 mile detour, and never truly answered the question asked. Great question that you asked Hulshof; Last summer you were up for the job to be President of the University of Missouri & after you weren't selected you explained why, you told the associated press "I understand where my resume may have been deficient in the view of some regarding administrative experience then why do you think that you have the administrative experience to be the next Governor for the State of Missouri?" I want to Elect a Governor for the State of Missouri that will treat running our state as a business, which means we must balance the budget and not have windfall spending. Sarah Steelman has my vote on August 5," writes Theresa from Lawrence County.
"This was not a tie. You mentioned on the ten o'clock news that Sarah Steelman didn't have anything good to say about Hulshof. Do you not remember the first thing out of her mouth was her praise of his ability to speak well? That quality is a questionable plus for Hulshof. Steelman clearly answered the questions she was asked. Hulshof danced around and used his time to slam Steelman. His ad's are as negative as hers, and the debate was much more negative on his side. I am an Independent, but want no more "slick" talkers in office. I want someone who has demonstrated intelligence, success in office and a person more interested in us than in themselves. I haven't decided between Steelman or Nixon, but I do know it won't be Hulshof...the corn grower who is more worried about his bottom line than ours," writes Betty Shortt.

"This debate has helped make up my mind. Although both candidates turned EVERY question posted into an "opponent dig" prior to actually answering the question, I thought Sarah Steelman had better responses and remained cool and collected. Mr. Hulshof comes off as the prototype of lawyer-political lifer that I want to see voted out of office! It IS time for Missourians and Americans to voice through their vote that we are disgusted with legislators that sell themselves to special interest and pork barrel issues. I hope to see Ms. Steelman in the race against Jay Nixon," writes Jeff Brannock.

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Proud American said...

Who won? Let's put it this way. I doubt Congressman Hulshof will be encouraging people to watch the replays! The most telling question concerned administrative and executive experience. After all, we are hiring the State's CEO. While Treasurer Steelman was able to point to a variety of important private and public administrative experiences, and could cite accomplishments running her office as State Treasurer, Congressman Hulshof was almost at a loss for words. He conceded that he did not have the administrative experience to run the University of Missouri, yet he wants to run the State. His tone of voice as he wisely declined his opportunity to rebut said it all. And by the way, has anyone else noticed the condescending sexist attitude he continually displays towards Treasurer Steelman, saying things like "she wouldn't understand" when it comes to earmarks? On this particular question he just assumed, absolutely incorrectly, that she had never run a business.