Wednesday, May 14, 2008

A Marsh With A Village

The best comic relief out of Jefferson City is once again provided by outgoing Springfield Rep. B.J. Marsh.

After making a round of calls to the Capitol Tuesday, two separate sources told me that during the "Village Law" debate, Rep. Marsh drafted an amendment to designate his own property on the corner of Sunshine and National in Springfield "a village."

While I was unable to reach Marsh directly, I'm told that Marsh's intention was to make a point to supporters of the current law. It allows a single developer or property owner to control land without government oversight. Southwest Missouri lawmakers are vigorously pushing for a repeal, but with time running down on the session, frustration is running high.

Marsh's "village" on National and Sunshine has raised eyebrows before -- usually during election time when it boasts numerous Marsh campaign signs (or more recently McCain campaign paraphernalia).

"You can never really tell if B.J. is kidding or not," said Springfield lobbyist Scott Marrs. "You know B.J. You just can't predict him. That's why we're going to miss him," he said, with a laugh.


Chad Livengood said...

I got a story about "Marshville" in today's News-Leader:

-Chad Livengood

Busplunge said...

Scott Marrs says, "You can never really tell if B.J. is kidding or not." It was really difficult for the folks in Jefferson City to tell if Marsh was kidding or not on this past Tuesday when the house was in session because he wasn't there. Marsh was seen in his black Mercedes SUV (whatever happened to Buy American BJ?) at the car garage next to Steak and Shake on South Campbell getting his SUV serviced on Tuesday afternoon.