Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Ad Day

Battle Over "True Conservative" Launches in the Ozarks
***Watch Steelman's Above***
Focuses on Family, Opposition to Abortion, Gay Marriage

Check out Hulshof's Ad HERE

Then Tell Me . . . Which Is More Effective?

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Matt said...

I give high marks to both ads and both ads accomplish what they set out to do, which is establish them as known quantities and to attempt to place them front and center as the conservative candidate.

Hulshof's ad is strong in that the camera succeeds in placing you with him in the truck and then in the field. The motion in the ad also gives one the sense that they are going somewhere. He invokes God. He speaks clearly and precisely. He doesn't try to list every professional accomplishment in the first 15 seconds.

Steelman's ad is strong as it shows her as a versatile person, fulfilling many roles (elected official, wife, mother, daughter) which extrapolates to the idea that she is the candidate with the broadest appeal. Her ad also highlights the fact that she's not afraid to tackle tough issues, as it mentions some of the most "hot-button" issues up front.

Overall, two strong ads. If I were grading them, I'd give Hulshof an A- and Steelman a B+ on the srength of Hulshof's rhetoric and vision.