Monday, February 25, 2008

Rep. Dixon Won't Run for Treasurer

Springfield State Rep. Bob Dixon tells the KY3 Political Notebook he's decided against a run for State Treasurer.

"I'm grateful at the amount of support I received around the state, I was really moved by the number of folks who expressed support, but in spite of that, this was not the right time," Dixon said in an interview Monday.

Dixon said he would put out an official statement tomorrow about his decision and said he plans to file for re-election to his House seat. Dixon first told me he was interested in running for Treasurer last week. He said ultimately, family considerations and the politics of the race helped determine his decision.

"I had to take into consideration the timing. We'd only have six months to put a race together for a primary," Dixon said. "Quite frankly, I think I could've won with the type of people who were calling and encouraging me, but now just wasn't the time," he added.

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